How Can We Help You?

•  La Leche League offers information and encouragement, primarily through personal help, to women who want to breastfeed their babies.

•  Volunteer Leaders are qualified by experience and training to offer practical information and support to breastfeeding mothers through monthly Series Meetings and telephone


•  The LLL Group offers an informal setting in which individual needs receive personal attention.

•  The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is a guide to infant and child care that has sold more than two million copies and is available in eight languages and in Braille.

•  Conferences and Seminars for parents and professionals, provide information about breastfeeding, parenting, childbirth, nutrition, child care, and related topics.

•  Health Advisory Council and Medical Associates are health professionals who provide consultation on medical problems and evaluation of research.

•  On the Web :


Your Local La Leche League Offers...

  • A lending library with books on breastfeeding, childbirth, parenting, and nutrition
  • Mother-to-Mother support
  • Leaders accredited by La Leche League International
  • Latest breastfeeding information