What is La Leche League?

LLL, or La Leche League, is an organization founded in 1956 by seven women who wanted to make breastfeeding easier and more rewarding for both mother and child. The organization offers information and encouragement—primarily through personal help—to those women who want to breastfeed their babies.

LLL is a non-profit organization supported entirely by donations, memberships, and sales of materials. Membership in La Leche League helps to support our local Groups, as well as national and worldwide projects to promote breastfeeding

Join La Leche League - Learn more about the tangible and intangible benefits of LLL membership. If you live in the Bristol TN/VA area please contact Katherine (276-466-4860) if you would like to join La Leche League.

La Leche League: What's in a Name? - The story behind La Leche League's name.

For more information about LLL please visit La Leche League's site...